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We are ahead of schedule so I’m launching the stream a half hour early to fill your earholes!  This prerecorded podcast will loop all night till I get home about 2AM-ish and I’ll shut it off on the last full replay.

Catch it live, all night, at!

Be safe out there everyone and we’ll see you in 2015!


Welcome to my 2014 edition annual top 10 games.  Like the years in the past, this isn’t a list of games that were released in 2014, more like the games that took a large chunk of my attention for the year.


Thanks to everyone for a great first few months of streaming.  It’s been an amazing time since September and we have no signs of letting up.  We picked up our own domain and all of our content is moving!  Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t letting us move our user base.  😦


Thanks to the awesome, amazing most convenient outage on Playstation Network, FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS is taking the night off. But do not fret. We’ll be back next year with Fightier Fights! and Onlinier matches!!!

Thank you to all who’ve watched since these started.  We look forward to streaming more for you in the New Year!

Happy New Year!!

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Close to 1 AM, I finally had it with trying keep hitting the login button to see if I could shove my way in.  I attempted to contact a Sony rep, via chat, and this is how it all transpired…



Looks like Sony didn’t anticipate the amount of server load coming into PSN this Christmas.  I can’t even log into the service and get my account applied to my new console, let alone get my shiny new version of Destiny that came with it or the EA freebie that I fenagled during Playstation Experience! Guess I’ll play Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition while Sony gets this sorted. :/


Due to the holiday and personal obligations, please join me tomorrow night when I play the Christmas themed SEGA classic – CHRISTMAS NiGHTS!

Tune in tomorrow at 8:00PM EST on our Twitch channel.


Kara’s Top 5 in 2014

Posted: December 24, 2014 by karaski in iOS, Lists, Mobile Gaming, Playstation 4, Sony, Video Games

While thinking of my top 10 this year I realized I would simply be listing all the games I played. Since I was very busy with work and my first year in my house I didn’t play that many games but those that I played, I played a lot! That being said here are my top 5 games for 2014!

#1 Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4)


#2 Hearthstone (IOS)


#3 Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4)


#4 Minecraft (PS4)


#5 Don’t Starve (PS4)


With the combination of out server issues and too many cooks versions that we have at our disposal, we have decided to make the PS3 edition our map to complete the game and conquer The End.

In just a few minutes, 8PM EST will be upon us and our fight to finish this…

Day 2 of Christmas themed shirts!

Posted: December 22, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in Humor, Products
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On tonight’s Minecraft Monday, I will be donning…