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New local store, new haul

Posted: April 15, 2013 by ChoSanJuan in Accessories, Products, Sales, Wii
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We got a new store in the local area called Five Below.  It’s a $5 store.  Jboy was gracious enough to let me know that they have these $5 fight sticks for the Wii on Friday, their opening day.  I had some business (business = buy cat litter and play Ingress…) to do over in that area on Saturday so I figured that I’d finally get some fight sticks to review.  (They are only $5…  What did I have to lose, right?)  That place had me sucked right in.  My intention to spend only $10 on some new Wii controllers turned into a $50+ trip!  With the addition of some sodas and candy, over half of it was gaming stuff.  I’ve been looking for a cheap copy of Metroid Other M and I got it for a non-used price!  They had 2 different kinds of fight sticks, so I grabbed them both.  They had Minecraft posters from (real ones not shown, they are getting framed) for $5 which go for $15 on their site!

Needless to say, this place isn’t full of cheap and knock off crap.  A little dated but really impressive.  Now I’ve got more to add to my review stash.  Guess I better get moving on all this stuff…


This “Pizza Box” that pops open into a subway scene was a birthday gift from my aunt and uncle this year and it was something I had been looking at for a while now but never would pick-up for one reason or another.

At 18″ tall once opened this is a absolutely cool playset that is easy to store once you are done with it because it’s closes up back into a pizza box with ease.

There are several gimmicks with it such as the swinging lamp post, the pizza oven launcher and a sewer cover that can toss enemies with a flick of a switch.

Nothing to assembly here as it’s pretty much ready to go out of the box once you get it home but there are some decals that need to placed on and as much as I hate them these ones with this set actually were very easy to do.

Best part of having Anchovy Alley too is that not only can I use it for a display for my Nick Turtles but some of my other action figures as well.

Just a great and fun set from Playmates and one that is not too much of a budget buster either at it’s retail price of $24.99 so it’s one I highly recommend for Turtle fans if they already don’t own one.

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It has been a busy few weeks for me with work and with my wife getting ready for her nursing finals(which she passed!) and along with that I been doing some “spring cleaning” on the Cosmic Ark.

Just going through my toy stash seeing what needs to stay and what can go as I do normally because of the limited space I have in my computer room where I keep everything.

My interest in the Nickelodeon TMNT has really surprised me because I was out of the ninja turtle collecting business and these come along and I absolutely love them so now that collection is slowly growing it’s taking up shelf space now too.

That and my G.I. Joe “Fever” is still in full effect so those figures and things keep coming aboard the Cosmic Ark so there is more space getting filled in by that.

And let’s not mention things am wanting to add like Go-Bots along with building up my Masters of the Universe “Knock-Offs” and getting more 80s toys like M.A.S.K. and Super Naturals.

One of the things I decided to do was give command of my Corps! action figures to Dan over at the Toy Museum who now has those figures to have fun with or to share with others.

This free up space for more Joes and other Joe related items(Kre-O, Micro Force and Combat Heroes).

Just some thing I wanted to share today and normal blogging will be back with more G.I. Joes i have yet shown and a couple Nick Turtle items as well.

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I normally try not to post more than once a day here on the Cosmic Ark but when something fun and exciting happens I just have to add another blog post and this is the case today.

The Lord Of Dorkness himself our good pal and leader/founder of the Dork Horde, Reis O’ Brien has finally done it and has launched “Dork Horde Toys” and with it comes ” Obvious Cause Of Death Ghosts”.

These are super fun and simple non-articulated toys that feature the always a win “Glow-In-The Dark” feature and serves as a small showcase of Reis creative side(much like his much missed Mixo Kooky Kans).

Head over to to check these out if already haven’t also feel free to stop by and “like” the official ocodg Facebook page as well.

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Remco’s Frankenstein’s Monster

Posted: April 12, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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Yet more inspiration from the Monster Café after my last blog post on the Creature action figure had Hobby mentioned in comments that “Franky” was his favorite of the Remco monsters as a kid…..

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Remco’s Creature From The Black Lagoon

Posted: April 11, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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Was inspired by The Monster Café blog post from a few days ago about the Monsters of the Movie Creature from the Black Lagoon being added to the collection there and decided to do a “Cosmic Ark Quickie” showing my Remco version….

Congrats to Hobby on finally being able to added another great classic monster piece to his wonderful café in Mexico.

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While I was not officially part of this past League of Extraordinary Bloggers “Items for sale or trade” event I did use it as a springboard to work a trade with Dex of “AEIOU And Sometimes Why” blog fame.

While reading his blog post for the LOEB sale and trade event I saw he had a few action figures I thought would be a perfect fit for the Cosmic Ark so I sent him a Gmail and a deal was made.

Am now a proud owner of 3 Takara MyClone Cyborg Micron Figures…..

MyClone were import only action figures from the Takara Toy Company who are the makers of Transformers and other fun and fine toys.

These ones shown are part of the “Heshin Cyborg” series with the blue and pink figures based off a old live action series from Japan from the 70s if I got my information correctly.


                                                                     “Dokuro King”


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G.I. Joe Combat Heroes Storm Shadow V3

Posted: April 9, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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Tony of Action Figs & Things recently posted on some G.I. Joe Combat Heroes which was funny because around the time he had done that I had gotten one for myself too.

A 2009 released V3 Storm Shadow which was sold as a single packed figure and is a fun little ninja and makes me wonder why I never picked any of these up from this series when they were being sold in stores.

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Ok so Mattel is rehashing the old Brave And The Bold action figures for a Target stores exclusive Justice League line of action figures based off the current comics.

Sounds exciting right? Well it is if you were a fan of the B&B toyline which a lot of folks are and to be honest I was kind of thrilled myself at the thought of these until I actual saw them in stores and was put off by there paint schemes.

But still the price point of around $8 was giving me pause on my weekly toy hunts but I wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on any of them until now when I finally found one I thought looked good…..

Power Suit Lex Luthor! Yes! a actual super villain for the line and one that is based on my favorite version of this character from the classic Kenner Super Power toys.

Now this was really a impulse buy for me even though I had stated before to “Mister Toyriffic” BubbaShelby that this was a action figure I would most likely pick-up if I could find it for sale.

So overall this was a good purchase on my part because it is a decent figure and one I only have two gripes about…..

1) It’s chest emblem looks like a peace symbol which looks out of place for a super villain like this.

2) The weapon that comes with it is lame! I like the green “Kryptonite” missiles but what they rest in is this odd shaped shield thing that looks like it came off of a robot’s shoulder pad. This could of been so much better.

Other than those I rather like this and it shall sever as a placeholder for me until I can get a “Super Powers” Lex for my collection.

Also on a extra note I want to point out that this action figure has hollow feet and why I am telling you this? I have no ideal why other than I thought it was odd for some reason.

The “Power Suit” I have always felt put Lex Luthor on a new playing level so he could be even more of a intimidating foe and could hold his own in a big time physical fight rather than hiding behind some robotic creation or genetically enhanced minion.

In short Lex could actually get his hands dirty rather than using someone or something else to do his dirty work for him and I found that to make him more of a true super villain rather than some mad scientist or wealthy power hungry businessman.

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Some Late Birthday Gifts

Posted: April 7, 2013 by jboypacman in Toys
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Was given some late Birthday money and decided to go over to the city next to mine and see what I could wrangle up at there Target and Wal-Mart stores and I found these two figures…..

Yup finally picked up a Nick Turtles Dogpound figure and decided to splurge on a Justice League Power Suit Lex Luthor.

As you can see behind these two I still have my other B-Day gifts unopened but I will be getting to those very soon.

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