New Year, New Site!

Posted: December 29, 2014 by ChoSanJuan in Facebook, Google+, Podcast, Site News, Social Networks, Streaming Shows, Twitter, Video
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Thanks to everyone for a great first few months of streaming.  It’s been an amazing time since September and we have no signs of letting up.  We picked up our own domain and all of our content is moving!  Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t letting us move our user base.  😦

So to kick off the new year and the new site, we will have the return of the podcast! Well really only a 1 off… We will be running some great tunes to game to on the twitch channel ranging from chiptunes, remixes and other gaming inspired songs.

Hopefully, this will get everyone ready for the big transition while having a good time through New Years Eve!  Some of us will be checking in on the chat room from time to time so don’t be afraid to say something!  Also, more announcements for the new site will be aired during the stream…  So be sure to update your links then!

We’ll be going live at about 6:30PM EST on 12/31, and going into the 2AM hour at  Given timing issues with almost 2hrs of music, some talk (by your’s truly) and the enforced ads by Twtich…  We will pull it off-air after the last run in the 2AM time.  After that, we will post the episode to YouTube for those that missed it.

On a final note, our streaming schedule will resume on 1/5/15 with our return to Minecraft Monday and our quest to get to The End on PS3!

Again, on behalf of everyone with GameBlips…


  1. ChoSanJuan says:

    Minor update… I have figured out how to migrate the stats and FOLLOWERS to the new site! I guess there’s nothing that any of your great followers need to do except tune in on NYE and hace a glass of champagne. GREAT NEW YEAR GIFT TO ME!!!

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