Journey – PSN Exclusive

Posted: March 25, 2012 by karaski in PlayStation 3, Products, Review, Video Games
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So after some persuasion from my brother who said I would enjoy Journey on PSN I downloaded it and beat it twice in the first two days. The game is amazing and addicting. It is by the same developers as Flower, which was also a really unique and interesting PSN exclusive. In Journey you play as a character in a red cape traveling towards the top of a mountain. You grow your scarf along the way which allows you to fly for a short period of time. Along the way you also run into a lot of travelers (other Journey players) and you can travel the rest of the way with them, they are necessary to earn a lot of the trophies in the game. Perhaps the most interesting and frustrating part of the game is that your interaction with these other players is entirely non-verbal and the only way you have of communicating with them is by a beacon you can light up over your head. It’s fun but it also has caused me to have an incompetent partner screw up when I am trying to work on getting a trophy.

This game is totally worth the $14.99 on PSN… I think it might be free if you’re a playstation plus subscriber. I highly recommend this to anyone with a PS3 who enjoys unique and quirky games.


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